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Thinking Really Natural

Increase Immunity Naturally & Avoid MRSA in Pets and People

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is an illness that can be fatal to pets & humans. Pets prone to developing MRSA include: Very young, very old or those with a chronic autoimmune disease like diabetes Those exposed to other pets already carrying the bacteria Frequent visitors at vet offices, day cares or parks where bacteria often reside Therapy pets who visit facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes There are ways to protect your pet & yourself naturally. Most essential oils are antibacterials, but oils like kunzea, lemongrass & fragonia have strong anti-bacterial properties. For best results, use several essential oils instead of just one....

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A Safe, Non Stick Surface To Easily Clean Pet (and Human) Messes

Birds & small, exotic or messy pets often sling food & go potty inside their habitats, creating a messy, smelly habitat. Debris glues itself onto surfaces & into crevices, making removal difficult & time consuming.

While steam cleaners, abrasive tools & harsh products may help remove sticky gunk, no matter how hard or often you clean, the mess returns because cleaning doesn't create an "easy to clean" surface.

Cage & Toy Shield creates a natural, non-stick surface that makes cleaning quick & easy. The no rinse Shield is safe & effective on ANY surface that will come into contact with pets AND humans, including kitchen & bathroom counter tops, pet habitats, eating surfaces, cars - and more. It is an unscented, non-chemical treatment with odor elimination solution. The unique, plant based formula provides a non-stick - but not greasy - surface that also helps prevent rust formation.

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What is a Natural Odor-Control Product?

We believe a natural product should be safe to use, period, no restrictions. We prefer safety for ALL residents under the same roof, no matter how many legs they have or whether they're covered with fur, hair, feathers or skin.

Our natural, no rinse odor control Cage & Toy Wash can be used on kitchen & bathroom counter tops, floors, pet habitats, eating surfaces - and more. The unscented, non-chemical odor elimination solution makes it difficult for odor-causing bacteria to grow so it's effective on pet accidents in habitats - or on the kitchen floor. Yet it's so safe, it can be used on toys, bowls or anything that will come into contact with pets or humans.

Many Cage & Toy Wash customers who originally purchased the product to control cage odor now use the product throughout their home. It's a new way of thinking & living that saves money, time, water - and storage space!

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Giving Back Through Pet Therapy

Project PUP (Pets Uplifting People) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization providing pet visits to hospitals, health care facilities, rehabilitation & hospice centers in the Tampa Bay Area. If the animal passes all parts of the screening process, it will be certified through Project PUP to become a visiting therapy pet. Our very own Sophie became a Project PUP Volunteer in 2011 and has brought comfort & joy to terminally ill patients of all ages. Studies continue to show the simple act of petting an animal lowers blood pressure, slows down heart rate & decreases cortisol levels. Pets keep our mind & body healthy and pet therapy provides a way to connect pets with people who are unable to have a pet due to illness or age. There is a lot more demand than there are volunteers.

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Obesity in Pets

Yet another article on pet obesity in The Suburban in Quebec indicates over half of the dogs & cats in the U.S. are overweight, which results in disease & a decreased lifespan. If your pet is overweight, we recommend a vet visit to ensure there is no underlying medical condition. Typically, a 10% decrease in daily food intake, combined with 15 minutes of exercise a few times per week makes a big difference. Whether you engage your pet in rigorous play, or take Buddy for a short walk, excess fat will get burned. Check out nine year old Sophie strut her stuff below! And...

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