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What is a Natural Odor-Control Product?

Many natural odor-control products have warnings like "Keep out of the reach of children", "Avoid eye contact", or "Use in well-ventilated areas". What's up with that? Just wondering how "natural" a product can be if you should avoid contact with it ...

Product manufacturers often say you need different products for different cleaning jobs in your home - for example, this product to remove odor in a kitchen, that product to do the same job in a bathroom. But have you noticed these products often have nearly identical formulations? Many natural product companies spin the same kind of stories.

We believe a natural product should be safe to use, period, no restrictions. This means you shouldn't have to put on eye gear to eliminate an odor. Or be careful where the product is used - the product is safe for ALL residents under the same roof, no matter how many legs they have or whether they're covered with fur, hair, feathers or just skin.

Our natural, no rinse odor control Cage & Toy Wash can be used on kitchen & bathroom counter tops, floors, pet habitats, eating surfaces - and more. The unscented, non-chemical odor elimination solution makes it difficult for odor-causing bacteria to grow so it's effective on pet accidents in habitats - or on the kitchen floor. Yet it's so safe, it can be used on toys, bowls or anything that will come into contact with pets or humans.

Many Cage & Toy Wash customers who originally purchased the product to control cage odor now use the product throughout their home. It's a new way of thinking & living that saves money, time, water - and storage space!

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day!

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