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Product FAQ

What exactly does the label "Human Grade" on Pet Products Mean?  
Good question. The org responsible for setting standards on pet food is AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and they assert there is no legal definition for "human grade" in pet food.

So, we can't speak for anyone else's products, but can tell you about ours.

When we describe a product as human grade, we mean the ingredients must meet FDA / USDA regulations and be produced in a facility subject to regular FDA / USDA inspections. In other words, the ingredients are held to human standards, and verified to be meeting those standards using the same system used for humans - resulting in a human edible product, but designed for pets.

What exactly are Natural Pet Products?
Another good question. As above, we can't speak for anyone else's products, but we're more than happy to speak about our products.

We can promise everything we offer is so safe that it can be eaten by your pet - or anyone else in your family. Of course, we are not advising you feed your dog a jar of ointment meant for treating wounds as a meal! The point is if your pet or child licks or eats one of our products, there is no absolutely no need to panic or call poison control. Our belief is that every product you put ON your pet should also be safe enough to eat. We will ALWAYS provide detailed ingredient listings and nutritional labels for food products.

That said, when we find a product like Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste that's a superior solution to a tough health problem but does contain some synthetic ingredients, we will fully disclose the ingredients and explain why the product is worth your attention. Then you can decide if addressing the health problem is worth a bit of synthetic material.

Perhaps you don't know this, but many "natural products" exclude any synthetic chemicals in small amounts from their ingredient lists because a product can be officially called "natural" under NPA guidelines with only 95% natural ingredients. We're not comfortable with that approach, and that's why we fully disclose these when present.

In fact, many "natural" products on the market today include one or more of the following potentially dangerous ingredients. None of these ingredients are in any of our products:

4 dioxane
Nonylphenol Ethoxylates
Glycol Ethers
Pine Oil
Coconut Diethanolamide

Remember, our philosophy is very simple: everything we expose our pets to must also be safe for them to eat – whether it is a formula they take internally, or a formula we put on or may touch their skin.

Lastly, not all ingredients in these products can be classified as organic, again as defined by the USDA's organic certification process. Where organic ingredients are used, it is noted on the ingredient list and in the product description.

Really Natural Pet Products manufacturers a line of completely chemical-free cleaning and odor control products that keep working after your clean-up to prevent odor from coming back. Because these products are soapless, there's no need to rinse after cleaning, which saves time and a whole lot of water. Both Cage & Toy products - Wash and Shield - make cleaning and maintenance of bird, ferret, guinea pig, rat and other small animal cages faster and significantly reduce lingering smell trapped in the cage structure. Cage Wash is also used by dog and cat owners to remove lingering urine smells that enzyme products leave behind.

These formulations deliver a unique cleaning concept for pet habitats that retards growth of odor causing bacteria.  For the science behind how these products work, see here.

About the 5 Calorie Superfood Dog Treats

These treats are created in a USDA / FDA regulated (human food) facility.

High fiber chia seeds are combined with pure, simple ingredients to balance energy & increase endurance. Clean, carefully chosen, limited ingredients provide real health benefits for dogs, with no GMOs, eggs, dairy, allergens, added sugars, salt, chemicals, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors / flavors, or additives.
We use fresh ingredients dried or pureed to retain original vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants & micro-nutrients. These unaltered foods are the best choice for pets with allergies since there is no processing to deplete natural nutrients, producing scrumptious, crunchy & filling "❤ bites" that dogs adore - with real fruit pieces you can see, smell & taste! A "Power-Snack" combination of whole oats for stable energy, chia protein for sustained energy, Omega-3 for lasting energy & fiber for blood sugar balance.

About the Twinkle & Company Line

The Twinkle & Company natural pet care line was developed by a team of experts in the areas of nutrition, botanics, herbology, natural remedies, medical anthropology & aromatherapy. As pioneers in their fields, they have cultivated relationships with the most reputable suppliers & distillers all over the world for over 3 decades, formulating award winning pet supplements. Through expertise and extensive networks built during this time, they are extremely cautious and selective about the places from which ingredients are sourced, regularly visiting and staying in contact with all locations.

The formulators employ deep due diligence to ensure ingredient authenticity. For instance, it is not enough to source lavender from a field that produces organic lavender, even if it can be verified that the lavender is organically harvested. And the reason is there may be a nearby field that is treated with pesticides, which means when sprinklers are turned on in the neighboring field, the organic field may be compromised. This is a simple example of the level of due diligence conducted on each ingredient used by these folks.