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Thinking Really Natural

Fun, Easy Tips to Help Pets Lose Weight

Simple, common sense solutions to help our pets reach their fighting weight!

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Over 70% of pets have oral disease by age 3, but oral disease prevention starts at home. Petsmile Toothpaste's "swipe on" formula is fast & easy to use - NO toothbrush necessary. And cats, dogs, kittens & puppies LOVE the yummy, natural, London Beef Broil & Rotisserie Chicken flavors...that can be used by humans too!

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November is National Diabetes Month - for Pets AND People

Diabetes is a serious, irreversible condition for which there is no cure. It affects people and pets. In general, dogs are more likely to develop Type 1 Diabetes, while cats more often develop Type 2. The aim is to balance food intake with insulin (or oral medications) and exercise to achieve netter blood sugar control.

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The Benefits of Fiber for Pets AND People

Fiber is the roughage found in natural foods and can help improve the health of both pets AND people.  Benefits include a feeling fullness, improved blood sugar regulation, reduced cholesterol, digestive improvement - and much more.

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Healthy, Fun Tips to Decrease - or Maintain - your Pet's Weight Long Term

Maintaining our pet's weight throughout their life prevents disease AND improves their quality of life.  Small steps in diet, exercise, mental stimulation - and smart snacking - can add up over time.

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