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Thinking Really Natural

Fun, Functional, Healthy Treats for Pets & People!

Treat time is a fun way to connect with our pets, helping with training, bonding - or rewarding just because you love 'em!  Small dried papaya & pineapple dices make portion control easy, plus they work great in puzzle & foraging toys that help prevent boredom & mentally challenge birds, rabbits, sugar gliders & other small pets.

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Fast, Easy Oral Care for Cats & Dogs - NO Toothbrush Required

At home oral care for cats & dogs has gotten much easier - and it can add years to your pet's life.  We recommend using a toothpaste like Petsmile - awarded the plaque inhibitor seal by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

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Tasty, Healthy Apples - for Pets AND People

Mini apple dices with the core & seeds removed - and no preservatives or added sugar - are a tasty, safe, nutritious treat for pets AND people of all sizes. High in soluble fiber, they help with digestion and are a healthy treat for cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, chinchillas, sugar gliders, prairie dogs - and more.

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Gentle Treatment for Seasonal Allergic Skin Issues in Pets AND People

Seasonal allergens cause skin problems for both pets AND people. Allergies are tied to the body's autoimmune system, so strengthen immunity internally with krill & coconut oils. Externally, soothe & calm skin irritations with topical herbal salve that also protects from skin infections. Better yet, it's made for both pets and people!

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Reduce Bad Breath & Odors in Gassy, Incontinent Pets AND People

Help reduce unpleasant odors from breath, urine or feces in gassy, incontinent pets
AND people with the antioxidant Chlorophyll, which promotes healthy intestinal

flora. Chlorophyll's alkaline properties can help maintain a balanced pH level to reduce acidity in the body, naturally protecting the body from the inside out.

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