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Reduce Bad Breath & Odors in Gassy, Incontinent Pets AND People

Bad breath and body odor can occur when bacteria accumulates. Chlorophyll is an antioxidant with a rich variety of vitamins and minerals that helps to maintain healthy flora in pets and people. It can help reduce the unpleasant odors from urine and feces in gassy or incontinent pets AND people.

The alkaline properties of chlorophyll can help maintain a balanced pH level to reduce acidity in the body, naturally protecting the body from the inside out.

Our senior beagle LOVES Sweet Breath which contains a potent form of a chlorophyll juice concentrate, combined with peppermint essential oil. It is a healthy, inexpensive way to achieve a quick minty flavor burst in the mouth - and when used regularly, it helps decrease stinky body odors over time that Max (AND Max's dad!) sometimes generate!

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day 🌿


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