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Gentle Treatment for Seasonal Allergic Skin Issues in Pets AND People

The spring & summer bring beautiful flowers, blooming trees & grasses. But nature's beauty also carries along environmental allergens, which can result in uncomfortable skin conditions for pets (AND people). There are effective treatments your veterinarian can prescribe, but they can be expensive and have side effects.

Since allergies are tied to the body's autoimmune system, naturally strengthening the immune system from the inside out can help prevent (or at least decrease the symptom severity of) skin inflammation and infections. When taken over time internally, krill and coconut oils can benefit inflammatory, allergic skin issues that can lead to painful infections. 

For external symptoms like dermatitis, itching, rashes, insect bites, itchy / inflamed skin and more, a well formulated herbal healing salve helps calm, soothe & heal irritated skin conditions, while helping prevent skin infections - without chemicals or side effects.

Wishing you a beautiful and healthy spring season! 🌼


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