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Fast, Easy Oral Care for Cats & Dogs - NO Toothbrush Required

Providing oral care to cats & dogs at home will avoid tartar buildup, which leads to the painful infection in teeth, mouth & gums called periodontal disease (PD). PD is the most common major health problem in cats & dogs, affecting not only the teeth & mouth, but organs throughout the entire body.

The good news is at-home care has gotten much easier than it used to be - and can actually add years to your pet's life! We recommend using a toothpaste awarded the plaque inhibitor seal by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

Practically speaking, Petsmile is our favorite because

  • The fast & easy "swipe on formula" doesn't require a toothbrush

  • The London Beef Broil flavor is LOVED by both cats & dogs

  • Just 2 - 3 weekly applications are required

  • It's a fun, interactive, bonding experience for you AND your pet

  • Your pet thinks it's a treat!

Wishing you a Naturally Beautiful Day! 😻

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