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Papaya, Low Sugar No Sulfur, Dried, Diced

$ 5.58

One 0.5 pound bag - $5.58
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One 1.5 pound bag - $8.76
Two 1.5 pound bags - $15.77 (when cost of shipping included, this price is $5.85 off buying 2 separately)
One 11 pound bag - $67.86 with free shipping

Product Brief:

  • Sourced from a facility in compliance with USDA / FDA (human) requirements
  • 100% natural.  Really.
  • Less added sugar than traditional dried diced papaya
  • No sulfur dioxide (unsulphured) for pet parents who like to avoid preservatives

Human grade papaya, so you and your pets can share!

This Low Sugar, No Sulfur (sulphur) Diced Papaya is a delicious, tropical treat for pets. Lower added sugar & no sulfur dioxide (unsulfured) for those parents who like to reduce sugar intake and avoid preservatives in their pet treats. And it has a great shelf life: 6 - 12 Months un-refrigerated depending on air temperature, 1-2 Years in the fridge, and indefinitely in the freezer.
This healthy snack is chock full of antioxidants & bioflavonoids, perfect to give to your pet daily, as well as providing dietary fiber. Enzymes in papaya (especially papain) aid with digestion, which can be an issue for some pets. Small dices are perfectly portioned for smaller pets, and dried papaya makes a great addition to healthy dog biscuit recipes. Makes a healthy treat for many birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, prairie dogs and more.
These treats are packed in a USDA / FDA approved food packaging bag with a security strip at the very top and a re-closable zip-lock style seal, similar to the packaging you see in the grocery store for snacks. Just tear off the security strip at the top of the bag, and when you've grabbed some treats, use the zip-lock seal to close and preserve freshness. Over 300 sweet, tasty delicious diced fruit treats per each 8 oz (1/2 pound) of weight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 294 reviews
Gold Star
I got 2 bags - 1 for me and 1 for the bunnies!

I did end up buying this again mainly bc I ate more than my bunnies. I love that it's low in sugar. I eat throughout the day. I got 2 bags - 1 for me and 1 for the bunnies! I like to snack on it during my break times.

Thanks so much for sharing, Gold Star - we're happy you and your bunnies are enjoying the papaya treats! Thanks for being a customer!


The dried papaya is top quality. It has a nice color to it and no sulfur, which is much better for birds. My sun conure loves it!

Thanks so much for sharing, Rose - we' re happy your sun conure is enjoying the papaya and we're grateful for your support!

Gold Star
Very good papaya and pineapple!

I first bought mainly for my bunnies. The company gave a small sample of the pineapple which I thought was a nice jesture. Will be buying more - for both me and my bunnies. Both bunnies loved them, including the picky one. I love that it has low sugar and I can take some with me to work. I can also give my bunnies 1 more extra treat for dinner or breakfast. The colors are pretty. So, for the versatility of the family a very good snack. I will be buying more.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience , Gold Star! We're happy you and your family are enjoying the papaya treats and we're grateful for yoru support!

Matt G
Our parrots love them!

We have 2 parrots and these have so much less sugar than the store bought at pet shops. You can taste the difference! We will only buy from here from now on!

Thanks so much for sharing, Matt - we're happy your parrots are enjoying the papaya! Thanks for being a customer!

Such a perfect treat!

I have two parrots, one of which is very picky with the treats he likes. One that he LOVES is papaya, so I was so happy to find these in bags by themselves, which both of my guys absolutely love and enjoy! This is a small business with great customer support so please support them!

Thanks so much, A.C. - we're happy your parrots are enjoying the papaya and we're grateful for your support!

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