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Thinking Really Natural

Why Decoding Ingredients on Product Labels is so Difficult

Ingredients on food labels AND non-consumable, topical products for pets - and people - often contain unrecognizable, weird scientific names - even when labeled as natural. To truly understand each ingredient in any product requires time, research and patience!

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Healthier, Smarter Snacks for Birds, Small Animals - and YOU!

A few years ago while snacking on papaya with less sugar & no preservatives, I wondered why regular dried, diced papaya for birds & small pets has excessive sugar & unnecessary preservatives (...and this is actually how Really Natural began!)While not all pets under the same roof can share the same snack, small dried diced papaya is one of those snacks that can actually be shared by birds and other small pets like hamsters, rabbits, sugar gliders - and others. With a better alternative available for your pets AND you, the stuff with excessive sugar & unnecessary preservatives seems like...

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Pet Food Manufacturing to Human Standards is Scarce

Manufacturing products for humans, whether edible or topical, is strictly regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture).For pet foods, AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) sets the standards and they assert there is no legal definition for "human grade" in pet food. Here's what makes sense: For pet food to be "human grade", it must be manufactured under FDA / USDA regulations in a facility subject to regular inspections. In other words, the food is held to the same standards human food is held to, and verified to be meeting those...

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Can You Eat Your Dog's Treats?

Human edible 5 Calorie Superfood Dog Treats are made with all natural, human ingredients - in a USDA / FDA inspected commercial kitchen where human food is made. Excellent for diabetic & overweight dogs because they help with blood sugar regulation & weight loss, thanks to fiber-packed whole oats, chia and natural fruits / veggies. They're also great training treats for frequent rewarding without worry of weight gain.

Designed for dogs, but healthy for people too!

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Skin Healing Calendula

Calendula is excellent for treating poorly healing wounds by promoting fast tissue regeneration on dry, damaged skin. Twinkle's Herbal Healing Salve with calendula extract helps soothe & relieve dry, allergic, itchy skin conditions, and is made for both pets AND people.

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