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Pet Food Manufacturing to Human Standards is Scarce

Manufacturing products for humans, whether edible or topical, is strictly regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture).

For pet foods, AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) sets the standards and they assert there is no legal definition for "human grade" in pet food.
Here's what makes sense: For pet food to be "human grade", it must be manufactured under FDA / USDA regulations in a facility subject to regular inspections. In other words, the food is held to the same standards human food is held to, and verified to be meeting those standards using the same system human food is subject to.

As presented in the movie Pet Fooled, pet food industry standards are complex. Dr Becker's article describes pet food types & grades in detail.
Pet food with real, unprocessed human ingredients that is manufactured according to human standards is the exception, not the rule. High quality ingredients and regulatory costs drive prices to a level most of us simply cannot afford.But feeding your dog and cat a healthier diet is possible. Most importantly, you can learn a lot from reading the ingredient list. Below are some simple, common sense tips:

  • Aim to find the right balance of the best ingredients you can afford

  • Many pet foods labeled "natural" mix human grade ingredients with by-products

  • Look for real meat at the top of the list. A few examples of real chicken meat include deboned chicken, chicken neck & dehydrated chicken

  • The first few items in an ingredient list represent the highest percentage by weight of ingredients in the final product.

  • Avoid anything with "by product" or "meat & bone meal" in the ingredient name

  • Avoid poor quality fillers or potential allergens like corn, soy & wheat

  • Visit pet food websites to review ingredients in the ingredient list. Then research anything you are unfamiliar with
As a side note, when a product on this site is described as human grade, we mean the ingredients must meet FDA / USDA regulations and be produced in facility subject to regular inspections. So you can safely eat - or use - the product too, because the ingredients are held to human standards, and verified to be meeting those standards using the same system used for humans.

Fewer products, more sharing!  A safe, simple way to think and live!

Have A Naturally Beautiful Day! 😍


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