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Healthier, Smarter Snacks for Birds, Small Animals - and YOU!

A few years ago while snacking on papaya with less sugar & no preservatives, I wondered why regular dried, diced papaya for birds & small pets has excessive sugar & unnecessary preservatives (...and this is actually how Really Natural began!)

While not all pets under the same roof can share the same snack, small dried diced papaya is one of those snacks that can actually be shared by birds and other small pets like hamsters, rabbits, sugar gliders - and others. With a better alternative available for your pets AND you, the stuff with excessive sugar & unnecessary preservatives seems like an inferior choice. Plus, the less healthy option costs you more when you consider nearly identical pet snacks are often re-packaged in smaller quantities (with a different label per pet type).

Paying more for poor quality is no deal. Seriously, check the ingredient list next time you are shopping to see for yourself.

A single snack solution for birds, small pets - and owners - with less sugar, lower calories, less unnecessary packaging clutter (and waste), no unnecessary preservatives - for less money? Yep! 😍 

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day! 💕


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