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Thinking Really Natural

Manage & Mantain Your Pet's Weight

More than half of the pets in the U.S. (cats & dogs) are overweight. Some may have an underlying health condition that predisposes them to gain weight and they should be treated by a licensed veterinarian.

Most of the time, managing our pet's weight is in our control. Smart choices include portion control & regular exercise. Senior pets may be less active & require fewer calories. All-natural 5 Calorie Superfood Dog Treats may help, especially if your dog is overweight or diabetic.

Certain breeds may gain weight more easily, but you can stimulate a pet's metabolism with smaller, more frequent meals.

Pet foods now require calories to be listed on packaging, while several medical sites provide healthy weight & calorie calculators for a pet's age, weight & body condition.

Small daily changes pay off by improving overall health, happiness - and comfort!


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Healthy Pet Nutrition Becoming Top Priority

Pet owners are now demanding transparency in the quality of pet food. Healthy, unprocessed human ingredients are very important. And how those ingredients are prepared matters - for example, cooking healthy foods at high temperature strips natural mineral & vitamin content.

While a healthy, well-formulated pet food gives pets the fundamental nutrition they need, a high quality supplement is also important to fill voids in diets.

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Talking Professional Dental Care for Dogs & Cats

Anesthesia-Free Dentistry has been trending for awhile to scale pet teeth & remove tartar stains. This is only a cosmetic procedure that does not address underlying oral disease and may inadvertently result in injury or infection. If your cat or dog has existing tartar on their teeth & gums, the teeth scaling should only be done by a licensed veterinarian.

Once tartar is removed, at home dental care is critical to their health & longevity. For this purpose, we recommend using a product approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) like Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste, which inhibits plaque to prevent tartar formation. It's fast & easy to use, requiring no toothbrush, plus dogs & cats love the beefy taste!

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Guinea Pig Anxiety

Guinea pigs can be very anxious little creatures, especially sensitive to changes in diet, heat, strangers & noises. Peruvian farmers ease guinea pigs' anxiety through natural solutions such as consistent human contact, calming music & diffusing calming essential oils into the air.

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February: Pet Dental Health Month

If you already regularly brush your pet's teeth a few times weekly, your vet may tell you a cleaning may not be necessary this year, which can be a pleasant surprise that can save you a lot of money! If you have not kept up on your pet's oral health, we encourage you to start a tradition that actually extends the years of love you will share with your cat or dog.

Most cats & dogs have tartar on their teeth by age 3. Regular oral care can prevent disease from manifesting into serious, life threatening health problems. Petsmile is approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council to inhibit plaque growth. It's easy to use & doesn't require a toothbrush - just swipe a finger with Petsmile on it across you pet's teeth! Plus cats & dogs LOVE the natural London Beef Broil flavor!

No time like the present to start a tradition that actually extends the years of love you will share with your pet!

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