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Guinea Pig Anxiety

Guinea pigs can be very anxious little creatures that are especially sensitive to changes in diet, heat, strangers & noises. In an article by Heifer International, Peruvian farmers ease guinea pigs' anxiety through nature, human contact...and common sense:

1) Like most pets, guinea pigs need consistency, so maintaining a strict daily schedule is key.

2) Being regularly pet by a person with a familiar face eases anxiety; strangers are rarely allowed in guinea pig barns.

3) Considering guinea pigs originated in the Andes, the high-altitude climate is ideal to raise them in.

4) Caretakers awaken early to whirl around natural eucalyptus smoke over the piggies to help soothe & calm their anxiety.

5) Playing music helps drown out strange noises & calm the sweet piggies down.

So if you have an overly anxious guinea pig, you may want to incorporate 1 or 2 of these tips!

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day! 🌿

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