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February: Pet Dental Health Month

February is the month we celebrate love, but it's also National Pet Dental Month - and as an incentive, veterinarians offer a discount on pet teeth cleanings during February, making it the best time to get your pet's oral health issues addressed!

If you already regularly brush your pet's teeth a few times weekly, your vet may tell you a cleaning may not be necessary this year, which can be a pleasant surprise that also saves you a lot of money! If you have not kept up on your pet's oral health, we encourage you to start this February.

In an article from Pet MD, oral health issues of the gums and teeth are common in both dogs and cats. Just like with people, regular oral care can prevent oral disease from manifesting into serious, life threatening health problems.

Once tartar is removed, at home care can prevent future troubles. Petsmile is approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council to inhibit plaque growth. It's so easy to use & doesn't require a toothbrush - just swipe a finger with Petsmile on it across you pet's teeth! And pets LOVE the natural London Beef Broil taste.

No time like the present to start a tradition that actually extends the years of love you will share with your pet!

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