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Increase Immunity Naturally & Avoid MRSA in Pets and People

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is an illness that can be fatal to pets & humans. Pets prone to developing MRSA include:
  • Very young, very old or those with a chronic autoimmune disease like diabetes
  • Those exposed to other pets already carrying the bacteria
  • Frequent visitors at vet offices, day cares or parks where bacteria often reside
  • Therapy pets who visit facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes
There are ways to protect your pet & yourself naturally. Most essential oils are antibacterials, but oils like kunzea, lemongrass & fragonia have strong anti-bacterial properties. For best results, use several essential oils instead of just one. Some other holistic anti-bacterial alternative powerhouses include olive leaf extract, myrrh gum and oils of coconut, hempseed & neem. All these ingredients are found in Twinkle Herbal Healing Salve, which can be used by both pets and their people.

Our therapy beagle Sophie visits terminally ill patients who sometimes actively carry the MRSA virus. So before we visit, I mix a drop of tea tree essential oil into a tablespoon of Herbal Healing Salve & rub the mixture onto her paw pads & under her nose before each visit to give her a natural immunity boost. For myself, I mix 3-5 drops of tea tree into 1/2 oz of this Salve & then wipe some under my nose & into my hands. The scent is clean & refreshing, making us both feel invigorated before visits!

As long as you & your pet have no autoimmune deficiencies, you can help protect yourself naturally from picking up all sorts of bacterial infections, including those from Staph, Strep, Listeria, E. coli & others.

We avoid hospital-grade anti-bacterial hand sanitizers on ourselves & our pets. Like antibiotics, those are made to destroy all bacteria, so all the "good bugs" get killed with the bad stuff, which sets up a never-ending cycle of continuous illness & disease.
Have a Naturally Beautiful Day!

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