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A Safe, Non Stick Surface To Easily Clean Pet (and Human) Messes

Birds and small, exotic or messy pets often sling food and go potty inside their habitats, creating a grubby, smelly habitat. Debris glues itself onto surfaces & into crevices, making removal difficult and time consuming.

Steam cleaners, abrasive tools and harsh products can help remove sticky gunk, but no matter how hard or often you clean, the mess returns because cleaning doesn't create an "easy to clean" surface. And pet habitats do not typically have a safe, non-stick surface.

Cage & Toy Shield creates a natural, non-stick surface that makes cleaning quick & easy. The no rinse Shield is safe & effective on ANY surface that will come into contact with pets or humans, including kitchen & bathroom counter tops, pet habitats, eating surfaces, cars - and more. It is an unscented, non-chemical treatment with odor elimination solution. The unique, plant based formula provides a non-stick (but not greasy) surface that also helps prevent rust formation.

During spring time in Florida, people tell us they use Cage & Shield on the front of cars to prevent "love bugs" from sticking to the front car grills, which makes washing cars much easier. The biodegradable formulation is safe for pets, humans and the earth.

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day! 🌿


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