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Healthy Pet Nutrition Becoming Top Priority

Many people consider their pets to be family members and want them to live a long, healthy & happy life. We want our pets to eat clean, nutritious, healthy foods. In fact, people are now demanding transparency in the quality of pet food according to this article from Natural Products Insider. Pet health & well being requires good nutrition, regular exercise & a healthy living environment.

Whether food, supplements, treats or chews, scan ingredient lists for healthful foods - like real meat, dried vegetables & heart healthy grains like oat flour. Ingredients listed at the top represent the main ones used in the recipe. A good rule of thumb is to avoid meat by-products, soy & corn which may contribute to allergies, weight gain, digestive difficulties and other health issues. Clean, healthy, human grade ingredients provide additional nutritional support and health benefits to help prevent or delay disease. How ingredients are prepared is also important - for example, cooking healthy foods at high temperature strips natural mineral & vitamin content.

While a healthy, well-formulated pet food gives pets the fundamental nutrition they need, a high quality supplement is particularly important, especially for pets who have additional needs related to digestion, heart, joints, skin, coat, allergies, brain, immunity and more. Just as we take supplements to fill voids in our own diets, pets often require supplementation too.

Our pets are an important part of the family and their nutritional needs require more than us just buying food. After all, we want them by our sides as long as possible - happy AND healthy!

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day! 😍


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