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Thinking Really Natural

Diabetes in Dogs

Approximately 1 in 200 dogs develop diabetes as they get older. They typically develop Type I Diabetes (T1D), an autoimmune disorder causing the pancreas to stop producing insulin.

Daily insulin injections should be given at the same times daily, along with keeping consistent meal times. This regularity allows increased nutrients in the blood to coincide with peak insulin levels to help decrease the chance for blood sugars to get too high or too low.

5 Calorie Dog Treats with Chia Seeds are a great choice for diabetic dogs since the increased fiber from whole grain oat flour, chia seeds and natural fruits / veggies help with blood sugar regulation.

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Skin Inflammation: Dogs, Cats, Birds & Small Pets

It is well documented that inflammation causes disease in pets & humans. External inflammation results from anything your pets come into contact with - heat, synthetic fragrances, chemicals, allergens & certain plants; but it can also come from cuts, scrapes or abrasions from injuries. Internal inflammation can be caused by way too many conditions to list, but the root cause is tied to your pet's immune system health.Always check with your veterinarian when your pets continuously suffer from hot spots or itchy, inflamed skin to determine whether there are any underlying health problems. Common skin problems like rashes, bug bites,...

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Coping with Pet Loss

When we lose a pet, the pain is excruciating & the experience can be as difficult as losing a human (or even harder). A recent article on Pet Bereavement in The Huffington Post Canada talks about this in detail. Pet loss causes gut-wrenching sadness, loneliness, guilt, anger, despair & many other feelings.Creativity can be a therapeutic way to cope with loss. Many people create natural memorials to connect with the earth, helping to release painful emotions. The process honors our pet with a sustainable, living memorial that thrives in nature, producing plants that will flower year after year. Pre-packaged kits are available, a beautiful...

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5 Calorie Dog Treats: Simple, Natural, Sustainable

Tasty low calorie dog treats are made with whole, natural ingredients that have been air dried, freeze dried or drum dried. No fillers, no chemicals, no sugar & no salt are used. Period.

They are made in a commercial, FDA / USDA inspected facility, and every ingredient is both sourced & made in the U.S. - including the packaging.

Simple ingredients from nature with a taste dogs adore. No confusion!

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Top Ways People Shorten the Life of Their Dogs

Pets are family members & they depend on us to provide patience, care and attention. But we actually decrease the longevity of our own pets by letting our dogs & cats become overweight and neglecting canine & feline dental care.


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