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Thinking Really Natural

How to Prevent Slimy Buildup in Pet Bowls

That slimy feeling on your pet's food & water bowls is called Biofilm, bacteria that attaches onto surfaces exposed to food or water. The slimy film contains disease-causing bacteria that can include Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli & Legionellacan. Minimizing Biofilm in pet bowls can be done by washing bowls twice daily, but is that realistic?

Instead of daily bowl cleanings, we circumvent Biofilm with Cage & Toy Wash once weekly by just wiping bowls & letting them dry. This all-natural, no-rinse product averts bacterial attachment that creates an environment where Biofilm cannot thrive. Safe for every animal, human, environment - and the earth. It's a smart product that keeps bowls, toys & habitats clean without requiring daily cleanings with harsh cleaners, rough sponges & excessive water.

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Pet Health & Aging

It turns out the most important aspect to help our pets stay as happy & healthy for as long as possible is to maintain a healthy weight through their lifetimes. Regular exercise, a healthy diet & oral care are just what the doctor ordered!

For dogs, yummy 5 calorie dog treats can help keep your furkid happy & slim, like Sophie, an 11-year old rescue beagle!

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Pet Dental Care

The benefit of regular, preventative dental care for your pets far outweighs the cost, and will save you money in the long run. At home care helps you avoid major dental problems that require expensive treatment, plus it keeps your pet free from the chronic discomfort associated with dental disease. In the end, it means you can help your pet enjoy a healthier, longer life!

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Crate for Dog Anxiety?

Zencrate is a smart dog crate engineered specifically to control & eliminate dog anxiety through technology like motion-activated music w/ smart playlists, WiFi enabled to message you when dog goes in & out of crate, a camera to let you see your dog any time, app w/ metrics re. times & frequency spent in crate, sound insulation keeps motion-activated music in crate to give dog a 'safe space', vibration-dampening feet reduce vibration from natural frequencies of storms/fireworks - and more! Maybe an alternative for dogs with extreme anxiety who require meds when left alone?

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Chlorophyll Benefits for Pets AND People

Chlorophyll is a whole food form which results from plant photosynthesis. It helps the body process more oxygen, cleanses the blood and promotes the growth & repair of tissues. Considered a powerful detoxifier and nutritional immune system booster, it also assists with cleansing elimination systems, including those of the bowel, liver & blood. Chlorophyll also helps promote optimal blood pressure, supports elimination of molds in the body and promotes growth & repair of tissues. Sweet Breath contains a superior quality of chlorophyll concentrate that is safe for pets AND people.

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