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How to Prevent Slimy Buildup in Pet Bowls

Ever notice a slimy feeling on your pet's food & water bowls? It's called Biofilm, bacteria that attaches onto surfaces exposed to food or water. The slimy film contains disease-causing bacteria that can include Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli & Legionellacan. Minimizing Biofilm in pet bowls can be done by washing bowls twice daily, but is that realistic?

Instead of daily bowl cleanings, we circumvent Biofilm with Cage & Toy Wash once a week - just wipe bowls & let dry. This all-natural, no-rinse product averts the bacterial attachment that creates an environment where Biofilm cannot thrive. 100% safe for every animal, pet, human, environment - and mother earth. It's a smart product that keeps bowls, toys & habitats clean without requiring daily cleanings with harsh cleaners, rough sponges & excessive water. See how easy it is to use on Sophie's "maize bowl"...

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day! 🌿

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