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Top Ways People Shorten the Life of Their Dogs

The top 11 ways we actually decrease the longevity of our dogs is reviewed in this PetMD article

  1. Letting your dog gain too much weight
  2. Neglecting canine dental care
  3. Skipping annual check ups
  4. Not providing daily exercise
  5. Exposing your dog to second-hand smoke
  6. Forgetting heart worm, flea & tick prevention
  7. Pushing certain breeds too hard (diff breeds have diff exercise reqmts)
  8. Feeding your dog table scraps
  9. Leaving dog outside unsupervised
  10. Not socializing your dog
  11. Not spaying or neutering

Nearly all of these apply to our feline friends too. Our furkids are family & depend on us to provide patience, care and attention. 

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