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Skin Inflammation: Dogs, Cats, Birds & Small Pets

It is well documented that inflammation causes disease in pets & humans. External inflammation results from anything your pets come into contact with - heat, synthetic fragrances, chemicals, allergens & certain plants; but it can also come from cuts, scrapes or abrasions from injuries. Internal inflammation can be caused by way too many conditions to list, but the root cause is tied to your pet's immune system health.

Always check with your veterinarian when your pets continuously suffer from hot spots or itchy, inflamed skin to determine whether there are any underlying health problems.

Common skin problems like rashes, bug bites, stings, allergies & scratching can occur even when your pet has no fleas or ticks. Conventional medical treatments for skin inflammation include drugs like antihistamines, steroids & glucocorticoids. But the side effects can aggravate or cause other conditions that further suppress your pet's immune system. This cycle can be avoided by incorporating carefully formulated, science-based treatments for internal & external health. For centuries, holistic treatments have been used to assist healing on the inside & outside. Strengthening the body's immune system can prevent much of the inflammation that shows up inside or outside your pet's body.

External skin problems can be relieved by using a science-based, well formulated herbal skin salve to soothe skin irritations. Boosting your pet's immune system from within can be done by using an internal supplement with natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & healing properties to support skin, coat & internal organs.

Remember that older pets - and even puppies & kittens - may have compromised immune systems. It is particularly important to ensure these groups receive the necessary internal protection.

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