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Coping with Pet Loss

When we lose a pet, the pain is excruciating & the experience can be as difficult as losing a human (or even harder). A recent article on Pet Bereavement in The Huffington Post Canada talks about this in detail. Pet loss causes gut-wrenching sadness, loneliness, guilt, anger, despair & many other feelings.

Creativity can be a therapeutic way to cope with loss. Many people create natural memorials to connect with the earth, helping to release painful emotions. The process honors our pet with a sustainable, living memorial that thrives in nature, producing plants that will flower year after year. Pre-packaged kits are available, a beautiful gift to anyone who has recently lost a pet, or a touching way for a family - with or without children - to deal with pet loss.

Jonah, our welsh terrier (and founder of Really Natural) was with us for 15 years. He crossed Rainbow Bridge last summer - I still miss having him by my side daily.

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day,

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