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Calories Matter - Before, During & After the Holidays!

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, it is officially the holiday season and we believe pets AND people should have fun indulging and still maintain weight.

Why Calories STILL Matter

The most reliable, timeless principle is "Calories In" (CI) vs. "Calories Out" (CO). Calorie management offers real life flexibility as long as overall balance is followed. In general, more physical activity allows for more calories without weight gain (and vice versa).

  • If overall CI > CO, weight gain occurs
  • If CI < CO, weight loss occurs
  • If CI = CO, weight will be maintained

The above principle applies to pets AND people. And as the body ages, gets ill or develops disease, the formula may need to be slightly adjusted. For example, a body typically needs fewer CI as it becomes older.

We all tend to eat more & exercise less during the holidays. And eliminating stress is challenging for all of us. Pets are particularly sensitive to OUR stress levels which may contribute to destructive behaviors. When it comes to weight management, we're responsible for managing our own own waistlines along with Buddy's.

Keeping healthy, tasty, low calorie snacks on hand can help us manage our weight during this crazy time of year. 5 Calorie Chia Dog Treats are scrumptious, generously-sized biscuits for super active, diabetic or overweight pups in all life stages! For people, small pets & birds, our Sweet Treats have half the sugar & calories as regular dried fruit and no sulfur. Tastier AND healthier than fruitcake!

Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine has some fun tips for sneaking in some extra activities during the holidays with your pet, along with a suggestion to offer your furkid some meals in a puzzle toy. This can help keep the mind engaged to alleviate some of the stress they're picking up from us!

We wish you and your furry, feathered family members a happy, healthy holiday season.❄

Have  a Naturally Beautiful Day! 🌼

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