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Lavender & Pets

Lavender Essential Oil for Pets

Lavender essential oil is likely to be considered THE most universally calming and soothing of all essential oils. It takes approximately 160 pounds of lavender flowers to extract 1 pound of essential oil. Lavender is often used to help relieve stress, insomnia and fear.

Most essential oils require being diluted in another base oil, prior to being applied to the skin. But lavender essential oil (EO) is one of the few EO’s that can be applied to the skin ”neat”, meaning it is safe to use full strength for skin irritations like insect bites, boils, non-serious burns, athletes foot, rashes, etc.

And it is considered safe to use on, or around, your pets. You can add a single drop to Buddy's bed to add a calming scent around bedtime. Its natural disinfecting properties don't hurt either, since our pets sometimes do gross things!

Considered an effective remedy to help purify and clean stale air, it has been used to gently, but healthfully, disinfect hospitals and sick rooms in Greece, Rome and Persia. It is used in the skin-soothing Herbal Healing Salve from Twinkle & Company!

Have a Naturally Beautiful Day! 🌿

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