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Chamomile for Dog Skin, Anxiety and Irritable Bowel Disease

Chamomile is a gentle anti-inflammatory herb that can be used medicinally for pets and humans. Inflamed pet skin conditions can be soothed and healed by using topical skin preparations with a high quality chamomile component.

Chamomile tea can also be added to Buddy's water to help ease mild anxiety, as well as relieve muscle spasms in the digestive tract for gastric conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. The recommended dosage for dogs is 1 to 4 tablespoons per 30 pounds of body weight.

In lieu of more aggressive prescriptions, chamomile & several other herbs may be useful in treating some medical conditions. For more on this topic, see this article from Whole Dog Journal: Help Heal Your Dog with Common Herbs.

Have  a Naturally Beautiful Day! 🌼

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