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Prevent Odors in Small, Exotic Pet Habitats

That Unmistakable Smell in Small Pet Cages

If your furkid or feathered friend received new toys, bowls, cage or other accessory during the holidays, there is no time like the present to keep those items fresh & free from inevitable odor buildup. Small exotics, pocket pets and messy birds often throw food in addition to going potty inside their cages, creating a dirty, stinky habitat. And despite regular cleanings, bacteria attaches itself onto surfaces & into crevices of every item in your pet's cage, resulting in pungent odors.

Smarter, Safer Odor Prevention

Unscented Cage & Toy Wash is a convenient soapless, rinseless cleaner that makes it easy to keep a clean habitat without time-consuming cage cleanings that can take hours and still leave lingering odors behind.

Simply apply to brand new (or just cleaned) items & cages BEFORE putting them into the habitat, since its natural ingredients stay active and prevent odor-causing bacteria from attaching to items - resulting in odor suppression.

Start off 2018 clean with a unique, non-chemical odor-prevention solution. The biodegradable product is safe for pets, humans and the earth. And like everything at Really Natural Pets, you can use it in your own habitat too (...not that any of us humans ever create odors!)

Wishing everyone a beautiful, healthy new year! 🎇


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