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All Natural Chlorophyll Breath Drops for Pets - and People!

Sweet Breath Peppermint Drops For Pets - and People!

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Product Brief:

  • Produced at a facility in compliance with USDA / FDA (human) requirements
  • 2 fl oz, 100% natural; used 2x daily will last ~ 6 months
  • Peppermint essential oil provides a noticeable minty freshness right away
  • Chlorophyll works from the inside out to neutralize body odor over time

Safe & Effective Breath Odor Control - for Pets and their People

The typical liquid chlorophyll used in other products is often 99% water, providing very few benefits at such a diluted level. What makes Sweet Breath so effective is the superior quality of chlorophyll, which is a concentrated juice powder. While more costly to produce, its performance is worth the price. To our knowledge, this product is the only one of its kind.
It is perfect for pets & people with allergies because there are no faux masking scents. Immediately after dropping a few drops into your pet's mouth, a fresh minty breath (and perhaps some major tail wagging!) will result! Used regularly, it will freshen internally and externally.
Whether straight from the bottle, sprinkled over food or mixed with water, it can be dispensed any way you like, though most pets seem to love it "straight out of the bottle". Don't worry - there's no alcohol!

Neutralizing Pet Odors from the Inside Out

Chlorophyll is a whole food form resulting from plant photosynthesis. Considered a powerful detoxifier & nutritional immune system booster, it is safe, non-toxic and gentle with numerous health benefits. This potent ingredient neutralizes smells by assisting digestion. Once it has passed through the system, odors are reduced & a less pungent smell will result from urine and feces.
By removing toxic bacterial growth, chlorophyll reduces odors from internal processes related to digestion & bowels. Since it contains vitamins A, C, E, K, folic acid, iron, calcium & protein, it provides antioxidants, reduces inflammation and helps strengthen the immune system. It is also believed to help eliminate germs, which can strengthen body tissue & stave off bacteria growth. As it aids in promoting a healthy digestive tract, it reduces odors in the mouth & body. Its alkaline properties balance ph levels, which alleviate acidity in the body, and may assist with the prevention of fatigue & stress.

A Note on Teeth & Bad Breath in Pets

Sweet Breath temporarily reduces bad breath by providing a quick minty burst of freshness. And over the long term, it reduces the bacteria that cause bad breath, ultimately helping reduce mouth odors. However, it is important to note that pets with severe tartar buildup may still have some residual breath odor. In these situations, a professional cleaning by a vet is likely necessary to eliminate the buildup that contributes to the most stubborn, resistant and unpleasant breath.
We strongly encourage pet owners to brush the teeth of dogs (and cats) a few times weekly with a pet-safe toothpaste. While some experts believe feeding pets a high quality, crunchy kibble diet may assist with scraping plaque buildup that occurs over the years, this has not been scientifically proven. Another possible way to help minimize plaque buildup on teeth is to provide your fur babies tactile, non-edible bones that have a "scraping" action on the teeth. But annual vet checkups are key. Once tartar buildup has been professionally removed, it is an ideal time to start your pet on a preventative oral disease program. Regular at home oral care extends your pets' longevity. Use Sweet Breath daily in combination with dental care for a sweeter, longer life.
Peppermint Essential Oil, Chlorophyll, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water
For detailed information on ingredient sourcing and our human grade quality approach to formulating products, see the Product FAQ.
There's no need to worry about giving your Fur Buddy too much because it is so gentle. Depending on the size of your pet, the 2 fluid oz. bottle will last approximately 6 months when used twice daily. It works 24/7, but for the best results, continue to use daily. Despite its safety, Sweet Breath is a powerhouse at reducing odors,but there's no need to waste the product. Over time, you can decrease the dosage to once daily. Because this product contains essential oil, please double check with your veterinarian before using on cats.
General recommendations for how much to provide are based on the size of your pet:
For small dogs (Chihuahuas): 2-4 drops twice daily
Medium dogs (Beagles): 4-6 drops twice daily
Large (German Sheperds): 6-8 drops twice daily
Extra Large (Great Danes): 8-10 drops twice daily
Sweet Breath = Sweet Life (for the entire family!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Carole Anne
Both of my girls breath now smells amazing and they absolutely love the taste!

THANK YOU for your Amazing sweet breath product. Both of my girls breath now smells amazing and they absolutely love the taste. I took the time to pass your companies website along to some of my other friends with dogs. Im sure theyll be ordering product from you shortly. Happy, blessed day

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Carole Anne - we're happy Sweet Breath is working well for your girl dogs and we're grateful for your support!



Thanks so much for sharing, Kristen - we're happy Sweet Breath is working well for you! Thanks for being a customer!

This product works as described!

I have a senior pooch with breath that is so horrible I thought my husband and I were going to have to buy another house and let him stay in our current one lol. We have tried everything from the vet and over the counter. This product works as described and I am so thankful to have found it. I am ordering my second bottle today! Thank you ??

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Tammy - we're happy Sweet Breath is working well for your senior pooch! Thanks for being a customer!

Does not seem to be working on my dogs breath

Does not seem to be working on my dogs breath

We're sorry Sweet Breath does not seem to work for your dog's breath. If you are not already doing so, a pet toothpaste approved by veterinarians can often help with bad dog breath. Thanks for giving us a try!


Oh my gosh my pug loves these so much she licks them right off the dropper

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Roberta - we're happy your pug loves the Sweet Breath drops and we hope it's working well! We're grateful for your support!

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