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Petsmile by Supersmile - Professional Pet Toothpaste 4.2 oz, 3 Flavors, 2 for $46 / 3 for $63, Shipping is Free!

$ 25.00
  • Note: rather than up price, Petsmile reduced size to 4.2 oz vs. previous 4.5 oz
  • 2 Tubes for $46, 3 Tubes for $63: see web site, use Shop Now button above
  • Produced in an FDA registered facility approved for the manufacture of OTC pharmaceutical products
  • Not 100% natural, but we can’t find an all-natural product as effective as this one. We accepted this product because the synthetic ingredients are known to be safe for Pets & People - see ingredient list below for details
  • Just squeeze Petsmile on your finger and swipe across your pet's teeth. Once your pet's saliva mixes with Petsmile, plaque inhibition begins
  • The quick-dissolving formula is flavored with a London Broil beef, Rotisserie Chicken, or Say Cheese flavor that dogs & cats love. The results are clean, healthy teeth & fresh breath!  

The Importance of Pet Oral Care

Besides nutrition, oral care is the most critical issue to your pet's health & longevity. Most of us barely have time to brush our own teeth, let alone our pet's teeth! But Petsmile requires no brushing so it's very easy to use (video). Cats & dogs LOVE the  flavors & using 2 to 3 times weekly will prevent your pet from developing plaque & avoid devastating, costly diseases resulting from poor oral health.

Full disclaimer: Petsmile is made with safe, food grade ingredients, but it's not 100% natural. There ARE a few chemicals at the end of the ingredient list. So why would we still accept this product & use it on our own pets? Because we have lost beloved pets to the ravaging effects caused by periodontal disease (PD) & its complications. So our approach to oral health is analogous to people with chronic diseases who must take a limited amount of synthetic medication to survive. 

    Where's the Science - Why is Oral Care so Critical to Pet Health?

    When we skip regular pet dental care, food & bacteria accumulate into plaque buildup on teeth. Plaque transforms into tartar, causing gum inflammation called "gingivitis" which can lead to Periodontal Disease (PD). Left untreated, gingivitis can develop into PD, which is an infection in gums, teeth & all surrounding tissue. PD results from poor (or no) dental hygiene. PD is the most common major health problem of cats & dogs, affecting the teeth, mouth & entire body. 

    The good news is PD is preventable with regular home use of Petsmile. The active ingredient Calprox is safe & gentle on teeth, but powerful in preventing plaque buildup. Petsmile's trademarked Calprox is CLINICALLY proven to safely & gently prevent plaque buildup, fight bacteria, help diminish bad breath & whiten teeth. Plus it does not contain abrasive silicas, which abrade plaque AND destroy non-repleneshable tooth enamel. Petsmile inhibits plaque growth, with no damage to your pet's tooth enamel.


    What if my Pet Won't Let me Use a Toothbrush?

    Petsmile makes it convenient & quick - use 2-3 times weekly & no toothbrush is required! Once your pet's saliva mixes with Petsmile, plaque inhibition begins. The quick-dissolving formula is flavored with a London Broil beef, Rotisserie Chicken, or Say Cheese flavor that dogs & cats love. 

    Some pets just don't like toothbrushes; with Petsmile you can apply with your finger or a cotton swab. Just apply a pearl size to the end of your finger or swab & spread evenly around your pet's teeth. Toothbrush diehards can continue using a toothbrush, but it is not necessary. 

    Does Petsmile remove the Discolored Buildup on My Pet's Teeth?

    No. Discolored buildup on teeth is tartar buildup that has to be removed by a veterinarian through a professional teeth cleaning. Petsmile is a plaque inhibitor, NOT a tartar remover. So once existing tartar is removed, then your pet is ready for a Petsmile "fresh start"! Like all products carried at Really Natural, Petsmile is safe AND effective for humans too!


    Apply a pearl size amount to the end of your finger or swab to spread evenly around your pet's teeth. Let your pet lick Petsmile around the mouth.  Safe for kittens, puppies, cats & dogs, so start your pets at a young age to help them learn the habit of regular dental hygiene. See how easy the product is to use - just swipe over pet teeth and gums with your finger: watch video.


    Deionized Water: Ion-free water
    Glycerin: Kosher vegetable glycerin provides moisture to toothpaste
    Citric acid: Naturally occurring acid from citrus fruit to reduce tartar & remove stains
    Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate: Restores calcium to teeth
    Calprox: Proprietary, silica-free, whitening ingredient that dissolves stains & cleans teeth with no enamel abrasion
    Cellulose Gum: Natural thickener to make toothpaste creamy
    Urea Peroxide: Tooth whitener
    Carbopol 934P: Toothpaste thickener
    Potassium Hydroxide: Neutralizes acidity to help prevent tooth decay
    Natural London Broil Beef or Rotisserie Chicken Flavor
    Phosphoric Acid: Stabilizes formula
    Sodium Benzoate: Neutralizer
    EDTA: Chelating agent that helps fight plaque & the protein pellicle that attracts stains & plaque
    Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride: Contains anti-microbials to fight plaque & plaque build up


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