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Anti - Anxiety Blend for Small Animals: Natural and Calming, 2 oz

Anti - Anxiety Blend for Small Animals: Natural and Calming, 2 oz

$ 10.48
  • Ingredients sourced & inspected in compliance with USDA / FDA (human) requirements
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Proprietary essential oil formulation assists with the process of building trust and confidence between animals and humans
  • Loyal following among owners of ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, sugar gliders and other small animals who were once fearful of humans
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Your Own Smell Agitates the Animal 

Since 2009, this product has been used with successful results on a variety of small animals who have been rescued from terrible conditions. The driving mechanism is this: if the animal was harmed by a human, your (human) smell makes the animal anxious. If we can temporarily block your smell with a calming smell, the animal is much more likely to allow you to begin the bonding process. Then as your own smell emerges, the animal begins to get used to it and accept it.

Using the Anti Anxiety Blend should result in:

  • Less irritability
  • A calmer demeanor
  • Allowing more interaction with you (when they did not before)
  • More sound sleeping
  • Increased trust & comfort when near, or around, you
The blend is also a wonderful solution for any situation that creates stress for your pets. For instance, visiting the vet, taking them on vacation or doing anything that is not part of their normal routine may create stress for your pet(s). Just follow the same instructions & you should notice your pet calm down.
Please Note: This product was created to assist with creating a bond between humans & animals so that communication can be opened and a path to trust can be engaged in. It is not a miracle product or magic bullet. It is designed to be a facilitator for trust-building activities refused by the animal in the past.
About the Product
For best results, we recommend using the product routinely. Consistency, repetition, patience & a calm demeanor are necessary when using this product. Animals that come from stressful, abusive or neglectful environments will require the most work & patience. Not only is the Anti Anxiety Blend ideal for someone with a very anxious pet, it is also ideal for new pet owners because it facilitates the animal's ability to trust. It's also particularly helpful for breeders, animal shelters, rescue groups or people who foster abandoned pets.
The natural botanical extracts provide a light scent that will evaporate within 15 minutes so your own scent can come through once the animal has calmed down & is ready to be handled. If you are sensitive to scents or have allergies, you are unlikely to experience any problems with this formula; and there are no synthetic ingredients or extenders that artificially cause scents to last.  This also means the product is so safe your pet can lick it or you can drink it (but that's not what it's designed for & we don't think you'll like the taste!)
Proprietary blend of essential oils in distilled water base. For detailed information on ingredient sourcing & our human grade quality approach to formulating products, see the Product FAQ under Notes.
We recommend you set aside a couple of "calming sessions" with your pet each day for no more than 5 to 10 minutes per session. For extremely anxious pets, shorter sessions done more frequently throughout the day may be better. For example, try spending 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes in the early afternoon, 5 minutes in the late afternoon & 5 minutes before bedtime. Although completely safe to spray directly on your pet, it is unnecessary since the botanical scent actually triggers the calming effect; but please be aware spraying on an anxious pet may startle the animal, so you may have more success if you simply apply the product on your hands as described below.
Take your pet into a quiet area of your home, where there are no interruptions. Shake the bottle, spray each of your palms twice with the Anti Anxiety Blend & then rub your hands together. Talk softly & calmly to your pet, touching gently, praising your pet each time it seems to settle down. At 4 sprays per session, each bottle will last about 100 sessions. It will typically take a couple of weeks before improvements are noticeable, though some customers see significant changes within several days. But each pet is uniquely different; an extremely agitated pet may require up to 2 months.
A Note for the Human Side
Your own attitude is extremely important to calming your pet so do not engage in sessions with a pet when you are feeling stressed. Animals can sense the stress levels of an agitated person & it is better to skip a session than to force it when you are feeling overly frustrated. Since this product also calms humans, you may want to take 5 minutes for yourself first on stressful days to help you get into a more relaxed state of mind before bonding with your pet.
Simply spray the Anti Anxiety Blend into the air (or directly onto yourself) a few times & then close your eyes, taking a few slow deep breaths. Once your own nerves are soothed, you will be much better prepared to work with your pet on a "calming session".

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