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Healthy, Fun Tips to Decrease - or Maintain - your Pet's Weight Long Term

Keeping our pets at a healthy weight throughout their lives can prevent disease, while maintaining stamina & an overall higher quality of life.

Diet & Exercise

No matter the type of pet you own, it all boils down to overall diet & exercise (the same is true for us!) Decreasing portions goes a long way. And adding some short walks a few times a week can make an enormous difference.

Mental Stimulation

Another fun way to get your pets engaged in eating less, while slowing down the speed at which they eat, is to incorporate a food puzzle at meal or snack times. Puzzle toys are available for cats, dogs & other small pets and they not only keep your pet learning, but they encourage slower digestion which helps keep your pet feeling full longer.

Smart Snacking

5 calorie superfood treats with chia seeds, oat flour, fruits & veggies are LOVED by dogs - plus they're generously sized & filling, thanks to healthy, high fiber ingredients.  Mini apple dices are a naturally, low calorie treat that makes portion control easy, thanks to the small size. A universal treat for all types of pets (AND people!) needing satisfaction with a low cal cost!  Summertime is a great time for shedding a few pounds - or snacking healthier!

Wishing you a beautiful summer!
Barbara 🌅

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