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Removing Pet Smells - Naturally

Whether you own a small animal that can't be house trained, or have a puppy, kitten or geriatric pet, then you've probably spent some time cleaning up accidents. Permanently getting rid of pungent pee smell is a particular challenge because urine odor has a distinctively unpleasant stench.

Our experience with enzyme cleaners has been repeatedly disappointing because the odor leaves temporarily. Then within a few days after using enzyme cleaning "odor eliminators", the horrible urine smell again returns.

Enzymes start losing their potency the moment they are bottled and should be used within a specific temperature range. If you previously cleaned a urine accident with another cleaner before using an enzyme cleaner, the residual from the other cleaner often kills the enzymes, rendering them useless as an odor remover. Enzyme cleaners may temporarily decrease odors, but they return within a few days or weeks.

Cage & Toy Wash was originally developed for small pets whose owners' primary complaint was "lingering odor" that stayed after every cleaning. The product was developed using actual samples of urine & feces from small animals; and the result is a permanent solution that suppresses odor-causing bacteria.

So if you want to stop the cycle & permanently rid your home of persistent smells from urine, feces, spoiled food splatterings - or any other undesirable odors - this product will do it. Regular use also prevents smells. For those with an intense sense of smell, that's music to our noses!

Wishing everyone a naturally beautiful day! 🌿

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